Saturday, February 4, 2012

Flounce Cat

Flounce Cat is that guy who requires all of teh intarwebz to conform to all of his/her standards of propriety, humour and general opinion on any given day. Failure to meet expectations results in Flounce Cat denouncing the offending community/website/Facebook Page/forum and declaring they will never return to said venue, often adding they will also never buy/use associated any product/service again.

At this point the abandoned community generally carries on regardless, due to a distinct lack of fucks given, and the company which provides the product or service does not go out of business due to the impact of Flounce Cat's boycott.

I get paid to scratch Flounce Cat under the chin in the hope of placating their inane fury. I wish I could just post these macros instead...

...and burn their houses down.

BONUS: Flounce Cat Bingo via Grey Lining.

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