Monday, December 26, 2011

Tim Minchin - WoodyAllenJesus

Apparently Jonathan Ross, or Jonathan Woss as he refers to himself, wouldn't put this lulzy ditty on his Christmas TV show because he was scared The Sun would rally a lynch mob to pitchfork him to death upon hearing it. Also, Jonathan Woss would never do anything in poor taste that may offend anyone with delicate morals. (Grandfathers of gothic burlesque artists excepted, of course.)

Anyway, I think it's rather good, and so do half a million other people, if the views on this YouTube video which Tim uploaded 5 days ago are accurate. So perhaps Mr Woss was actually doing Tim a massive favour by creating the kind of controversy which he knew would peak the interest of the internet and attract more eyeballs than an appearance on late night UK TV ever could.

It's a Christmas miracle happy yet fully explainable occurrence.

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