Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fred Nile Headlines of Note

Geriatric Senator Fred Nile has the balance of power and is at his unbalanced best, kicking off his blitzkrieg of bicameral terror with the thought provoking argument that ethics is the gateway lesson of totalitarianism.

Exhibit A: these brainwashed 11 year olds-

The words of an innocent child or blatant attack on democracy reminiscent of 1939 Germany? You decide.

Teh Pony finds politics and history and religion and junk super confusing, so to me this makes absolutely no sense at all. But I can tell you one thing - offering ethics lessons as an alternative to scripture in primary schools is robbing our youth of the opportunity to watch Round the Twist DVDs in the library once a week.

Australian Cultural Icon Round the Twist

Why won't anyone think of the children?

To take your mind off this national tragedy, I've collected some Nile headlines from happier times, when Rev. Fred was just a senile Mardi Gras protester who everyone thought would be long dead by now.

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