Thursday, July 7, 2011

FINALLY: Computers That Can Do My Job

Is that the revival of the fabled ad agency long lunch tradition I hear stirring?

Today, Twitter has repaid me my hours of wasted time, sending two revolutionary tools through the tubez that will not just save time at work, but allow me to basically phone that shit in.

Firstly thanks @bec_purser (& the delightfully named @Boothy) for this hadouken of effectiveness: Wheel of Concept. Just type in the brand name that has you stumped, spin the wheel, and watch this ideas engine choose from literally eight possible digital strategy solutions to best harness influencers and release the brandcuffs on bleeding-edge high-engagement content marketing.

Allow WoC to demonstrate. Sure, there is already a thriving community of My Little Pony fans on the internet, but are they of any use to Hasbro? Possibly not, unless they are planning a strategic partnership with Wu-Tang Clan or strategic tie-in the Human Centipede sequel. That's why the Wheel says: START A NEW ONE! My digital radar says this will be the post-Facebook "Google+ Killer," but only time will tell.

Stage two of the Hasbro digital offensive will be a crowdsourcing campaign which targets influencers
and really democratises the brand conversation. Also, it means other people make your ad campaign for free - 4 realz! Translation: Epic. R. O. I. Cha. Ching. If getting a website to produce a strategy which gets other people to do your job for you is the future, I think we all need to re-assess the importance of hoverboards as a marker of human evolution.

And just to prove the W of C is no one-trick pony, check out this uberstrat I just got over the line with Sanrio.* Geosocial networking + gamification = the holy grail of hyperlocal brand experience. BOOM.

It even suggested a mobile app for yours truly, which is revolutionary in its minimal design aesthetic and intuitive interface. 

TBH I was scared and confused when I first saw this proposal for my blog's marketing communications, which I now realise was the perfectly understandable terror of coming face-to-face with the future. To put myself at ease and demonstrate value to myself I utilised the second cloud-based efficiency toolkit I found today. Thanks @JoelyRighteous for the DL on the Web Economy Bullshit Generator.

It's now completely clear to me that the cutting-edge vortals of the 'Pony mobile app could really harness viral mindshare, morph intuitive paradigms and really benchmark open-source portals.

Look out for me in the App Store, looking at a freemium pricing model!

*Verbal (Japanese language) sign-off.

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