Monday, July 11, 2011

Deception & Fraud Alert: My Little Pony Friendship Is Tragic

Creating a promo to get people to watch your TV show which leads the viewer to squeal with delight because she believes there is an amazing new My Little Pony iPhone app is WRONG, UNKIND & INCREDIBLY DOUCHEBAG-LIKE.

My Little Ponies and my iPhone are my two favourite things in the world and you just used them against me. You wouldn't create a spot which led Americans to believe Jesus was at their front door with a Big Mac just to sell them more french fries, and I DEMAND to be afforded the same respect.


via Gizmodo

If you would like some actual MLP App action check out the brony-approved My Little Pony Pro, or for your vintage pony hunter, MLP Symbol ID will be your best friend as you rummage through the garage sales of children of the 1980s.

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