Monday, July 25, 2011

Tattly: Unfugly Temporary Tattoos

Cuuuute! (Although I imagine the total population of Gen Y who a.) can be arsed designing their own flippant, ironic, pop culture referencing temporary tattoo but wouldn't b.) actually get inked is about 7. Good luck to the folks at Tattly anyway...)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

NEED: Buscemi Dress

Holy crap, it's glorious. via Defamer.

The Cannes Pony Grand Prix: Best Use Of "Come At Me Bro" in a Viral Campaign

And nominee for Best Faux-Celebrity Endorsement of a Sports Brand in Branded Online Content and Bravest Use of Excessive Cussing In a Marketing Video is K-Swiss for Kenny Powers: MFCEO.

Keeping It Real: Aussie Dogs Don't Take Shit From Sharks

Hats off dogs. With this bad-assery you have raised yourselves in my esteem and proved yourselves worthy couch-fellows of the the most epic of cats. (Previously: Kitteh Pwns Gator.)

via Boing Boing.

We Should Have Seen This Coming: Popstar Trishii

Scene kids have discovered ganguro. FYI Wikipedia describes ganguro as as "an alternative fashion trend of blonde or orange hair and tanned skin among young Japanese women that peaked in popularity around the year 2000."

Kids, if the nerds who write Wikipedia entries think that something stopped being cool over a decade ago, incorporating this aesthetic into your look is just sloppy TBH. I expect more from you. 

Anyway, this style atrocity appears to be spearheaded by Popstar Trishii, who appears to be an actual gangur-emo living out her dream of YouTube stardom. She has a Facebook Page, so she obvs legit, and fashion sense aside, I think you'll agree she's quite a talent!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Something On The Internet Hasn't Been Autotuned/Nyan-Catted Alert: eHarmony Video Bio


WTF??: eHarmony Video BioNyan Cat.

BONUS: the chance to enjoy Cosmic Panda (YouTube's new layout/fugliness reduction strategy), if you haven't already, is the icing on the interweb cake.


Deception & Fraud Alert: My Little Pony Friendship Is Tragic

Creating a promo to get people to watch your TV show which leads the viewer to squeal with delight because she believes there is an amazing new My Little Pony iPhone app is WRONG, UNKIND & INCREDIBLY DOUCHEBAG-LIKE.

My Little Ponies and my iPhone are my two favourite things in the world and you just used them against me. You wouldn't create a spot which led Americans to believe Jesus was at their front door with a Big Mac just to sell them more french fries, and I DEMAND to be afforded the same respect.


via Gizmodo

If you would like some actual MLP App action check out the brony-approved My Little Pony Pro, or for your vintage pony hunter, MLP Symbol ID will be your best friend as you rummage through the garage sales of children of the 1980s.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hello Unnecessary Merch

A relic of the ill-advised militant Sanrio Pro-Life marketing campaign of late 1996. Excuse me while I avidly trawl eBay for some completely unrelated items...

BRB Going Insane


How has this not been made years ago?


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Interspecies Friendship Bounce Edition: The Kitty & The Kiddo

Highlight: the look of indignation on cat's face when mum encourages Katie's continued disruption of cat-nap at 0:05.

via Videogum

FINALLY: Computers That Can Do My Job

Is that the revival of the fabled ad agency long lunch tradition I hear stirring?

Today, Twitter has repaid me my hours of wasted time, sending two revolutionary tools through the tubez that will not just save time at work, but allow me to basically phone that shit in.

Firstly thanks @bec_purser (& the delightfully named @Boothy) for this hadouken of effectiveness: Wheel of Concept. Just type in the brand name that has you stumped, spin the wheel, and watch this ideas engine choose from literally eight possible digital strategy solutions to best harness influencers and release the brandcuffs on bleeding-edge high-engagement content marketing.

Allow WoC to demonstrate. Sure, there is already a thriving community of My Little Pony fans on the internet, but are they of any use to Hasbro? Possibly not, unless they are planning a strategic partnership with Wu-Tang Clan or strategic tie-in the Human Centipede sequel. That's why the Wheel says: START A NEW ONE! My digital radar says this will be the post-Facebook "Google+ Killer," but only time will tell.

Stage two of the Hasbro digital offensive will be a crowdsourcing campaign which targets influencers

Inaugural S'Pony Creative Surcharge Awards Grand Prix Winner: Osvaldo Polletti

After explaining to my father the concept of 'cakage,' mum googled what the 10% Rompepalle surcharge could be. It's basically a tithe on arseholes. Genius.

Oh & try the rotolo.

B4UAsk: Haha - no we didn't get charged. Osvaldo Polletti on Foursquare.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Transformares 3: Dark of the Nightmare Moon

I take back everything I said about Transformers being an outrageously shaky premise to build one, let alone three films on. I had no idea Shia LaHoof was starring and it was directed by Michael Neigh!! #boom #fucking #tish

Thx Buzzfeed

Sunday, July 3, 2011

a.) Spike is a dragon, not a lizard

& b.) He would NEVER!!!


Maury Povich...

...I just remembered how deeply I miss you and your seemingly endless supply of pubescent sluts.

Skull Swap

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Extreme Transportation Envy: Unibike Edition

I feel you, glowering background child, I feel you. On the upside, you won't be punished on Monday with a merciless dunny-flushing session. On the downside, your bike fucking sucks.





Great Leap Forward With Spirit Fingers

Way to beat capitalist American pop culture at its own game, China!! This shit's better than Glee!


Reverse Hipsters


Bulldogs + Swings

SayOMG - one step ahead of you.