Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Venn Diagram: HBO Programming

Ahhh - the triumvirate of extreme watchability. (College Humor)

Apparently Game of Thrones has some seriously embellished gay sex scenes compared to the books. (Mad props to the writer who inserted the out-of-shot-yet-very-audible knight-on-knight gobby, BTW. Right after uncomfortable knight-on-knight chest-shaving scene, no less. Well played HBO.)

But I can honestly state that the sex was toned down in True Blood. I read the books and they were enough to make a Pony blush. Who knew a devoutly Christian southern nanna had so many fingering scenes in her?? Seriously. Fingering overdose. (Obvs HBO dialled the gayness waaaaay up, though. Pretty sure they have some sort of quota. Which is more than fine by me.)

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