Saturday, June 4, 2011

Store Buyout

Is it just me or is everyone having a YAY INTERNET!! kinda week?

First 80% of the population of the earth gave Urban Outfitters an epic FUCK YOU for stealing some hapless, cute, indie, craft-lovin' Etsy seller's designs - crashing their site, making them remove the designs and selling aforementioned crafter out within a day.

Then Australia got all up in Adshel's face when they caved to some evil bible basher's objection to the proximity of gay "foreplay" near a PUBLIC TRANSPORT EMBARKATION ZONE and made Adshel eat shit, tell the Christians to fuck off, put the damn poster back and then give the safe sex campaigners cheaper rates ongoing.

Then some guy got his stolen MacBook back by using an app to film the shifty tech-napper with his webcam, using Tumblr and Twitter to make the villainous douchebag internationally infamous (and light a fire under some police ass) in the process. 
But it looks like the internet was only just getting started!:

What would you do if your favourite local milk bar proprietor was about to go out of business after over 40 years of international beer vending?

Nothing? Sure - me too. But what if his name was Hercules?...

This is exactly what faced Kyle MacDonald (that dude who traded the red paperclip for the house) and Kyle was not about to let Hercules' Fancy Grocery go down the tubes. Not on his watch!

Kyle and his merry band of hipsters came up with a pretty straight forward solution - they rocked up and bought the shit out of Hercules' store. Everything. And then took all the shit from the shelves and fridges and popped it in a gallery and called it art. And cos it was a hipster gallery in NYC, no one said a thing for fear of "not getting it."


Also Hercules has a really cute cat.

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