Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ZOMG THX INTERNET: My Little Pony Desktop Icons

So this is the best thing to ever happen. And note the many flavours of WIN involved in this development.

1. A set of MLP desktop icons:

2. How awesome they look on my MacBook (BTW ChromePony FTW)

3. The Arrested Development reference in the blog of the creator of said icons


4. Said equestrian web wizard's Brony name

Direct link, Megaupload link, via Equestria Daily


Anonymous said...

How in the hell do I download this, please tell me, must know .-. I tried the MEGAUPLOAD link, it gave me a winrar file that I extracted but couldnt find a way to run it or whatever.

Pinkie Pie's Lover said...

how do i do this, megaupload has been down for a while now.