Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Rapture Day!

The end sure is nigh and I've been up all night making sure I'm Rapture Ready! & by that I mean I've now sampled all the more ill-advised narcotics available to me. Um... POOPED!

Anyway, this isn't good bye... Obvs Teh Pony will exist in Christ's 1,000-year heaven-on-earth dealio. & I've hedged my bets with my longstanding and vocal devotion to Raptor Jesus as well.  

While you wait, check out this video by Christian comedian Rich Praytor where he pranks a girl into thinking the Rapture happened when she left the room for a second and that she's been left behind. I think we can all agree that the fact this turned out to be a viable prank is a pretty conclusive sign that the end is near.

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