Monday, March 21, 2011

I Can Haz Intarwebz Psychologeez

If you can't afford a real life psychological examination, or even a tarot reader, I implore you to take this simple test which will reveal to you the most important aspects of your life at the moment.

I can now see that the things that have been bubbling away under the surface of my consciousness are:

gook, silk, zag, yap and pot

HELLO CLARITY! It's all there - latent xenophobia, a love of rich fabric, the eternal search for zig, love for small, noisy dogs and either my guilt over my inability to keep a houseplant alive, or my life-long dream to establish a medical marijuana farm and reggae club*

*The Rasta Your Ass: Reefers 2 Recovery Cafe & Farm will be situated on the grounds of the Rest Your Ass Donkey Sanctuary. All donations can be made directly into my hello_emily PayPal account. Let's make some dreams come true together!

kitty lint

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