Friday, February 18, 2011

Meme Alert: Who Is Arcade Fire??!!??

When indie rock band Arcade Fire beat Eminem and Lady Gaga to the Grammy for Album of the Year last week, it appears many netizens were somewhat surprised. Despite the fact they created the soundtrack for Spike Jonze's Where The Wild Things Are and released a widely acclaimed interactive Google Maps mashup film clip in HTML5 for The Wilderness Downtown (watch it in Google Chrome), apparently they had escaped the notice of many popular music fans (and the chagrin of hipsters everywhere).

So many people piped up their astonishment on Twitter that a Tumblr was called for:

Then the daily minstrel rockcookiebottom turned his talents to telling the story of Arcade Fire winning the now infamous gong and attempting to explain who the band actually were.

Then it got ugly, with reports of rampaging vigilante hipsters terrorising the streets and wreaking their hip vengeance on all who profess ignorance of the band. 

It is hoped that the hipster value of Arcade Fire will have waned significantly since their like, totally lame sellout Grammy win, and the violence should come to a natural end as hipsters find more obscure bands to support. 

Stay tuned to teh Pony for updates as they develop.

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