Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here's The Good New From The Web

If 4chan is the porn-obsessed 14-year-old vigilante hive mind of the net, then reddit is the incensed Arts Undergrad dabbling in leftwing student politics of teh 'tubez. And this Christmas they spread some cheer to LA high-schooler Jeremy Marks.

Marks had basically been thrown in jail for quietly filming a police officer assault a 15-year-old school kid. He was charged with "attempted lynching of an officer of the law" which seems a little unreasonable until you hear the cop's version of events which accused Marks of shouting "kick her arse" to the high-schooler in question as he was being arrested. At gunpoint.

Anyway, Marks had been in jail since May after a gang expert claimed Marks was defos in a gang and the judge set his bail at $155,000 which his mum couldn't quite spring for on her part-time pool cleaner salary. To be fair, the prosecutors did offer Marks a plea deal of seven years in jail if he admitted his intention to lynch the police woman, but he turned it down. That's Gen Y for ya!

Anyway, eventually The Weekly published an article about Marks, which shot to the top of the front page of reddit, which was then read by Google engineer and all-round nerd legend Neil Fraser who got in contact with The Weekly, then the Marks family and then Marks' attorney. Fraser posted $50,000 under the agreement that he would get a full refund when Marks showed up at court. Then Celes King IV (ummm - epic name win!) who happens to be the Vice-Chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality of California AND owns a bail bond company, posted the full $155,000.

So Jeremy is finally out of jail in time for Christmas.

AND Fraser also bought a bunch of Christmas gifts for the Marks family which he posted to his mum and also put up more cash for a defence attorney which Google is going to match, presumably to make sure that the aforementioned "Gang Expert" is subject to some serious cross-examination. Or maybe even replaced by Ice T and Dr Wong from SVU who between then cover the black and asian gangs of NYC without ever having to falsely accuse school kids of attempted lynchings.

So whether you're a big old Christian or an atheist or a Muslin or whatevs, you gotta agree, Jebus is looking down from the top of that big Christmas tree in the sky and giving the interwebz a massive thumbs-up.


via Defamer Australia.

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