Saturday, November 13, 2010

Back and Forth

Is how I choose to whip my hair, at the suggestion of Will Smith's 10-year-old uberspawn.

At first I was like Ooohh - cool clip for a pretty LOLably obnoxious song (which I will be singing all summer).

Watch video here.


Then I was like...

DAMN. She saw her bro's karate kid remake and Letterman interview and raised him a pretty gnarly pop song that she can actually do justice to live. ON ELLEN. Game on, Jaden.

And Ellen gave her a neck brace - cuuuute!

AND THEN she get memonic...

Sass-ame Street mashup

Hipster unplugged cover

African-American controversy about whose hair is being whipped

OMG! Even the gays are on board!!

Respect tiny sass-factory. Via Tumblr searchs & Know Your Meme.

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elbert said...

crap song, awesome meme