Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Rent Is Too Damn High x Up

The Daily What


Will said...

this guy is so fucking good, way better than the other candidates haha. everyone on cnn keeps calling him a whacko when he's way more rational and normal than the rest of them. check out this lady christine o'donnell, she's a fukn dumbass and is pretty much the butt of everyone's jokes here atm. she's running for senator of delaware. the tea party powerbrokers just chucked her in there to promote their own views even though she doesn't stand a chance. she may later to be found to have an IQ of 48 and be what some people call 'mentally retarded'. haha. the political sitch here is out of control.



hello_emily said...

Christine O'Donnell is my absolute second fave US pollie!

...and the Rent dude ain't all good I'm afraid:

"This is true all Latinos/ Hispanics/ Blacks/ Others... as well as every religious group other than Judiasm are being run out of this area. The Williamsburg Section of Brooklyn, NY. Don't take our word go to Flushings Ave and Bedford Ave/ Lee Ave and Nostrand Ave witness the Hate by the people of the Jewish Faith."