Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brass Band Intruder

Bed Intruder. It's the meme that just keeps on giving.

Antoine Dodson came to the attention of the internet when his sister was the victim of an attempted rape and he gave an emotional address to the attacker on the TV news. The web fell fast for Antoine's idiosynchratic delivery and palpable outrage and pretty soon the Autotune the News crew jumped on board and autotuned the Antoine. This led to a slew of remixes and mashups including a Bed Intruder-Double Rainbow number (what does it mean?), a metal version, a punk cover (surprisingly good), an a cappella track and of course a schmoyoho arrangement.

The Autotune the News peeps have even taken the Dodson show on the road, and done some live bed intruding of their own since their track debuted at number 89 on the Billboard charts. And Antoine himself arrived in LA yesterday to capitalise on his sudden fame and flog his Halloween costume, which is set to be the apparel of choice this October 31. And not just for humans!

And now homage is being paid by a highschool band and cheerleading squad:

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