Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Alien & The Kitty

Foowahu is a deviantARTIST who ran a competition to commemorate his late cat and his passion for the Alien movies.

In your entry, the Alien and the cat characters MUST be interacting in some way that depicts the idea of "chasing away sorrow." They could be having a tea party, hugging each other, getting rid of nightmares, etc. It is up to you. What is most important is that you BE CREATIVE!

No doubt the quality of the entries are a great comfort to Foowahu in his darkest hour.

'Til We Meet Again by Gwynndolyn

CA_Frenz by Evilwolfangel

Captivity by Light-Schitzophrenia

kitty X alien X mini UFO by inoinuka

Let's be friends by jazzehcat

Let's Chase Away Sorrow by PaineCryer

Nepenthe by noomxbass

Want a rose? by Sakiyama

We Love Fish by haneep

Via The Daily What.

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