Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Internet: The Movie


The Illustrated Names of Poses for American Apparel Models

The Mustachioed Ennui*

The Bored Stripper

The Legging Erotic

The Ass Brandish

The Confrontational Amsterdam Hooker

The Smug Teaching Assistant

The Porno Contraposti 

The Scoliosis Vogue

The Exploited Ballerina

The Ubiquitous Nipple



Embettered Movie Posters by Quoteskine

Check out texta artiste Lee Crutchley's Quoteskine Tumblr. Some of his movie posters were featured in Total Film because they are rad!

The Usual Suspects x Legend

Shaun of the Dead

Anchorman x Superman


Back to the Future x Teen Wolf

3D Fight Club: Spoiler Alert!

Inception x Ghostbusters

Scarface x Austin Powers

Swingers x Star Wars


Happy Pugoween!


Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear: Signage Pwnage

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's conflicting yet combined rallies were held yesterday in Washington and produced some of the best faux outrage since the National Equality March.

Flying Spaghetti Monster bless those those socialist queer liberals, every one.