Monday, June 28, 2010

Evolution Of A Meme: Bros Icing Bros

You know a meme has made it when CollegeHumour jumps on board.

Unfamilar? Bros Icing Bros is a brand new party challenge where bros hide Smirnoff Ices about their person and present them to their unsuspecting fellow bros who, upon presentation, must get down on one knee and CHUG THE ICE, thus emasculating them by making them drink a chick's drink and endrunkening them by making them chug the strong brew.

That sounds simple, right? WRONG, bro. The twist is that if the bro, upon presentation of said Ice, reveals that he too has been secreting an Ice upon his person, the original challenger must get down on one knee and CHUG BOTH ICES.


Bros Icing Bros did have a Tumblr, which I am sad to say seems to have been taken down. Apparently Smirnoff was a little nervous about their product being used to encourage binge drinking. What a downer, bro!

But I am pleased to report that the Bros Ricing Bros Tumblr remains to document the unexpected memery evolution whereby bros challenge each other to down Uncle Ben's microwave rice. Uncle Ben is yet to make a statement.

The meme took a further unexpected detour when Bros Ponying Bros ventured forth into the internet. That's right, Bros Icing Bros and Dancing Alone To Pony had a premixed vodka drink-soaked one night stand and created an ubermeme hybrid lovechild. I'm all for a meme's right to choose but I sure am glad this progeny didn't get flushed or tossed in some prom night dumpster.

Peace out bros!

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