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Vuvuzelas For BP

Adam Quick has a great idea. Kind of shirty about the whole oil spill kerfuffle, he has launched the Vuvuzelas for BP project whereby he plans to purchase 100 vuvuzelas and source 100 vuvu maestros from Craigslist, assemble them outside BP International HQ in London for an entire work day and give those oil barons a little taste of


I reckon you could play them under 600,000,000,000,000 gallons of oil and they'd still be annoyingly audible. Donate your hard-earned at Kickstarter. When he gets to $2,000 it's fire on all 'zelas.

To get an idea of what it might be like check out Instant Oil Spill Vuvuzela Time.

Twilight Fans

You know what Edward needs?




For EP3 magazine, via Behance.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Your Goals

Keep them away from teh trolls.

Since when does the internet write fortune cookies?

Nicoz Balboa

Girls and animals.

LOVE. LOVE. A thousand times LOVE.

Illustrated Collective Nouns

Gorgeous prints of some delightful collective nouns. I can't believe no one designed a violence of vuvuzelas though!

A tinkle of euphemisms FTW.

Bed Jump

So true, via GraphJam.



Get it at Threadless, via Superpunch.

Evolution Of A Meme: Bros Icing Bros

You know a meme has made it when CollegeHumour jumps on board.

Unfamilar? Bros Icing Bros is a brand new party challenge where bros hide Smirnoff Ices about their person and present them to their unsuspecting fellow bros who, upon presentation, must get down on one knee and CHUG THE ICE, thus emasculating them by making them drink a chick's drink and endrunkening them by making them chug the strong brew.

That sounds simple, right? WRONG, bro. The twist is that if the bro, upon presentation of said Ice, reveals that he too has been secreting an Ice upon his person, the original challenger must get down on one knee and CHUG BOTH ICES.


Bros Icing Bros did have a Tumblr, which I am sad to say seems to have been taken down. Apparently Smirnoff was a little nervous about their product being used to encourage binge drinking. What a downer, bro!

But I am pleased to report that the Bros Ricing Bros Tumblr remains to document the unexpected memery evolution whereby bros challenge each other to down Uncle Ben's microwave rice. Uncle Ben is yet to make a statement.

The meme took a further unexpected detour when Bros Ponying Bros ventured forth into the internet. That's right, Bros Icing Bros and Dancing Alone To Pony had a premixed vodka drink-soaked one night stand and created an ubermeme hybrid lovechild. I'm all for a meme's right to choose but I sure am glad this progeny didn't get flushed or tossed in some prom night dumpster.

Peace out bros!

Someecards: A Sign Of The Times

So true, Someecards, so true.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I thought I was neurotic. I bet you play the sympathy card to get out of tipping as well.

David Bowie's Area Dot Com

Once we had discovered that David Bowie's Area is all around us every moment of our lives and everywhere that we go, two primal urges filled us: To learn as much about David Bowie's Area and Its interactions with our known universe as we could, and: To share our profound and intimate knowledge of David Bowie's Area with as many new minds as possible.
Please let this be something I can claim as my religion in the next census.

Why Cats Are Awesome

You're preaching to the choir, Putz In A Round.

Ten Sluttiest Girls On Maury Povich

Oh, Maury! Send them all to your patented teen slut bootcamp post-haste!

Meanwhile, Obama gave us all the right to be ubersluts? HOW DID I NOT GET THAT MEMO?

Also worth checking out: Holy Maury Mother Of God.

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Cat vs Human

Cat versus Human.

Texta Monsters by Mario Scorzelli


V for Vuvuzela

The Daily What.

Nerds I Love: Freddie W

Thanks Old Gregg for introducing me to the nerdy radness of Freddie W's Youtube channel. I now have viewing options for the two hours a day that Masterchef isn't on. Treat yourself to some Twilight, Star Wars and kitteh LOLZ.

And follow him on Twitter, if that floats your boat.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

President Evil

Obeezy has to be the most mashed-up prez in history.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Problem With Soccer?


Chris Ryniak's Fishy Fantasies

Cute, creepy & scaly art. Check out more tentacled curiosities at his blog, Eat The Future.


I spent a fair chunk of last night chatting with artificially intelligent Cleverbot and it made no sense at all for me. Although at one point it asked me if I played with Lando Calrissian, which made it all completely worthwhile, even if it was in repsonse to me asking whether it liked ponies.

Sunday, June 20, 2010