Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nick Adams

Nick Adams. Wow! What a guy, nay, phenomenon this young man is. He was elected as a Councillor at nineteen years of age and became Ashfield's Deputy Mayor at the age of 21!! And was the first conservative candidate to be elected in the area for more than 20 years! He has HEAPS of opinions concerning but not limited to: the Iraq War (LUVZIT!), Bird Flu (hater), Monarchy (God save Liz y'all!) and multiculturalism (no thanks! LOL!).

Thanks Neenz for giving me the heads up about the latest notch on this quiet achiever's belt.

Apparently those clever buggers at Mumbrella are onto him too! About time he got the recognition he has long deserved.

LOVE IT! And so does America by the looks of it.

I actually went to uni with this guy (yes, he was deputy mayor of Ashfield at the time!) and I seriously thought he couldn't get any douchier.

How wrong I was!

PS If you look up the Municipality of Ashfield page on Wikipedia ALL the entries under the 'Controversies' heading are Nick Adams-related. LOL!

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Joyce said...

For your viewing pleasure- three Ch.10 stories back to back. Keep up the good work.