Monday, June 15, 2009

Weird Japan: Herbivorous Males

Actor Tsuyoshi Kusanagi loves the lippy!

And the West gets jittery about Pete Wentz's guyliner...
Columnist Maki Fukusawa coined the term 'soshuku-danshi' (herbivorous male) to describe the perceived new generation of 20 and 30-something Japanese men who "seem disinterested [sic] in careers and apathetic about the rituals of dating, sex and marriage."
"They spend almost as much on cosmetics and clothes as women, live with their mums and sit down on the toilet when they pee. Some have even been known to wear bras. "What is happening to the nation's manhood?" wonders social critic Takuro Morinaga."
"Like many all-encompassing buzzwords, "herbivore male" can be laughably imprecise. Among his other qualities, the herbivore is close to his mum, has a liking for deserts and foreign travel and leans toward platonic relationships with the opposite sex. He will happily share a night with a woman without laying a hand on her and doesn't waste his money on prostitutes."
I think they sound GREAT! Also, they sit down to pee!
"The blurring of gender boundaries has been highlighted by stories appearing to demonstrate that once proud alpha-males are being symbolically castrated in the home. Toilet-maker Matsushita Electric Works reported a survey this year suggesting that more than 40 per cent of adult men in Japan sit on the toilet when they urinate – a figure that is rising year by year."

"Nagging wives are also blamed for the rise of the Tenshi no Hizamakura, or Angel's Knee Pillow, a kneeling stool with an unfortunate resemblance to a church pew that brings men closer to the bowl when they pee. Designed to stop splashing around the bowl – women after all still do the vast bulk of household cleaning – the product's arrival prompted the following headline in one media outlet "Men brought to their knees by angry housewives"."
Yet another argument for interrace babies! I'm gonna get myself a herby hubby! Let the lipstick borrowing commence!

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