Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Channel Nine News Kings Cross Shooting Raw Footage Meme

I wonder if Hallmark makes Congratulations on becoming an internet meme! cards yet? They should.

Check the eloquent phosphorescent lass' Facebook group which she has created herself! Affordable PR WIN!

Samuel L Plays Guess Who?

The Adventures of Accordion Guy.

Giant Crabs

They help.

Guinea Pig Clothes!!!!!!!!!!!


Check out sydneybear on eBay (Sydney, Canada). They sell the cutest things ever! I just realised how much I need a guinea pig. They are ridiculous cute! Especially when they are in little outfits.

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served...

Completely fucking mental, apparently.

Pic from Imgur, found at Reddit.

An Obama A Day

Do you want to see a photo of Obeezy for every day he has been in office?


Well fuck off then, this won't interest you.

What are you, racist?