Thursday, April 30, 2009

Friday FAILS (& a WIN!)

FAIL Blog.

Interracial Friendship: Furniture in a Post-Obama America

AMERICA FUCK YEAH! If your cockles aren't warmed by this, you are officially Hitler.

Kitten vs Fan

Fan 1

Kitten 0


Friday Innovation: The Cuchini

LOVES IT! The Cuchini is a camel toe eraser! But LADIES, that ain't all, it also keeps your undergarments clean, which is lucky cos I just shat myself with excitement!

Someecards: Wolverine Edition


Camilla d'Errico

Is a Canadian-Italian artist who paints animal-fondling girls with anime eyes.

I want to be one of them, they are so cute!

Check her site! And Juxtapoz...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Check out this SunSentinal list of alleged monsters and decide for yourself: real or urban legend? They've got forty listed, but many are variations on a theme (lots of Loch Nessies and Big Foots. Big Feet?)

Ten Outrageous Military Experiments

Rocket sleds, night vision, and the probing, oh the probing!!



It's official. There is a blog for EVERYTHING. 

Barbie Gets Inked

Mattel is celebrating Barbie's 50th birthday by getting her some tats! She now will be able to sport a "Ken" tramp stamp (I thought they changed his name to Blaine??) or a pink butterfly among other designs.

British rag, The Daily Mail, is outraged! (naturellement)

I think they are cute...

Overheard in New York

And Why Are You Wearing That Silly Human Suit?

Suit to man with cat on his head: Why is there a cat on your head?
Man with cat on his head: Why isn't there a cat on your head, douchebag?

--Union Square

Overheard in New York.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ten Myths About Ninjas


Ten Awesome Foreign Words English Has No Equivalent For

I'm sure they left out schadenfreude because it has already been appropriated into the language. If it's been in the Simpsons, it's basically in I reckon. Although spellcheck doesn't recognise it...

What Happens to Mario When He Dies?

The Daily What.

Married to the Sea

Married to the Sea.

Ten Total Knob Despots

Check out this Murad guy. He was totally bad-arse ruler in the worst possible way. And now there is a skin care line named after him for when you need to get completely psychotic on your crows feet and back acne.

Check out the other nine at

Interspecies Friendship: Jesus & the Kitteh

Why the fuck is the kitty wearing a bow-tie though? Random.

Monday, April 27, 2009


It was the heat, the awful heat. Sailors from temperate climes who were transported into the tropics sometimes suffered a heatstroke, called a calenture, that resulted in temporary insanity. The tale used to be told that weeks of being becalmed in the Doldrums led afflicted sailors to imagine the sea to be the cool green fields of home and that they would try to reach it by jumping overboard.

So, by a calenture misled,
  The mariner with rapture sees, 
On the smooth ocean’s azure bed, 
  Enamelled fields and verdant trees: 
With eager haste he longs to rove 
  In that fantastic scene, and thinks 
It must be some enchanted grove; 
  And in he leaps, and down he sinks.

The Bubble, by Jonathan Swift, 1721, a satirical poem about the infamous speculative South Sea Bubble of that year.

The word comes from Spanish calentura, a fever or sunstroke, based on the Latin verb calere, to be warm. A less fanciful description comes from two decades after Swift’s poem:

Having heard so often of a Calenture, I expected to meet with some instances of it, even before I arrived in the West-Indies; but they are now grown very scarce, for I never saw above one person labouring under it: He was continuously laughing, and if I may be indulged in the term, merrily mad: One day in the height of his frenzy, he jumped over-board in Charles-Town Bay, but was luckily saved from drowning by one of his Sailors, or from being devoured by same ravenous Shark.

A Natural History of Nevis, by William Smith, 1745.

The word may well be familiar from two famous eighteenth-century seafaring works: Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels and Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe. Later, a calenture became any kind of raging fever linked to delirium and it also took on a figurative sense of some burning passion, the feverish ardour of a man afflicted with love, or the emotions of a spurned lover:

That the man who had promised to marry her, had exhausted the vocabulary of love for her, should thus cast her off, struck her into a frantic calenture which, for a season, threatened her existence.

The Spinners, by Eden Phillpotts, 1918.

World Wide Words.

Maru the Box Cat is Back!

And this pussy still can't get even nearly enough box!

PS Is it just me or are you kinda waiting for the chick from Ring to climb out of the creepy flickering TV?

Twilight... with Cheeseburgers

Hahahahahahahaha. Really captures the angst of falling in love with something you want to eat.

Bring Your Kitteh to Work Day

Ha ha. I'm going to get replaced by a cat soon, aren't I. 

Shit. She's cuter than me and all.

Interspecies Friendship: The Kitty & the Baby Possums

Awwwww. Those leetle possums are gonna ride that cat around all day...

Texts From Last Night

Inebriated texting. Almost never a good idea. Except in that someone might take your text and publish on the interweb for all to enjoy.