Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ten Very Unusual Couples

Um, like wow. Seriously fucking wow. The last one will blow your mind.

3. Monkey Woman and Alligator Man

Percilla Bejano (The Monkey-girl) met Emmitt Bejano (The Alligator-skinned Man) when she joined the Johnny J. Jones Exposition Sideshow in the 1930’s. Percilla had a condition called hypertrichosis, which is characterized by excessive hair growth and abnormal dentition (two rows of teeth in her case). Emmitt had a condition known as Ichthyosis, a skin disorder that caused his skin to appear scale like, giving him an “alligator like” appearance. The two married in 1938, and had a child a year later who succumbed to pneumonia soon after birth.  The pair worked together for several decades after their marriage, eventually retiring in Tampa in the 1980’s.

Their Toys.

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