Sunday, February 15, 2009

i am neurotic

toast techniques

Every time I make toast, despite removing both slices from the toaster at the same time, I will conclude that one has departed the toaster sooner than the other. The slice which leaves the toaster first always sits on the right of my plate, is always buttered first and the bottom left hand corner of that slice of toast is always the first bite I take. It doesn’t feel right to eat toast any other way.


occasionally i slip into iambic tetrameter, and if someone else (including the tv or radio) but doesnt match the 8 syllable rhythm i repeat what they said to myself untill the combined syllables become a multiple of 8. It used to take me a long time to do this but i can count off syllables and keep rhythm with my toes at a subconscious level now, which allows me to keep my sanity but leads to blisters.

comforting sound of tic tacs

Every time I eat Tic Tac soon as I put them in my mouth I have to click them around on my teeth to make that “clack clack” noise and then I pretend that I got my teeth knocked out and they are rattling around in there. I can’t not do it - but only with tic tacs.

i am neurotic.

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