Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Dad Is A FOB


December 23, 2008 

Hi daughty.


Here are some more real cute photos. We ARE ALL real cute people PERIOD No Question about it. What’s your thought?

Take care…See you soon!!

Love always,


December 25, 2008 

In NYC, going to see a Broadway play. Earlier, my dad had lamented his bringing the wrong suit jacket with us.

Dad: So we’re taking the subway?
Me: Yeah. I don’t want to worry about parking.
Dad: It’s a good thing I didn’t bring my nice jacket. I don’t want to look like a big shot on the train. [looks in the mirror; grins] I still look like a big shot.


December 26, 2008 

after a friend gives me a ride home

Dad: Bye Andy, thank you for riding my daughter.


December 28, 2008 

I use Wacom Tablet on Photoshop a lot, like I uss last night for my Photography project 4, we are doing multiple shots, so I shooting the transformer the bumbo bee, and I show teacher, teacher said it’s ok but it’s will be boring when you want to put the text… and I should some how make it interesting…  So, I did, I use photoshop liquify tool to change the car to wired shape, and down load a nude girl picture from internet, of course, I use WACOM tablet pen tool paint the 2 black strike line like the car has on the girl body, and finally, I draw the girl face with Transformer metal face, HA HA, I think that will be fun for the bumbo able to transfer from machine to sexy girl….

PS. What I try to say its that I also use Wacom Tablet on my work and projects.


My Dad is a Fob.

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