Sunday, January 18, 2009

Liz Renay

Renay's rendition of Adam and Eve! Saucy!

Miz Liz at Miss Exotic World

Liz in her hey day! Grrrr!

I just found my new lady obsession: Liz Renay. 

Born in the 1920s and dying in 2007, Renay (born Pearl Elizabeth Dobbins) was a burlesque star (she toured as a duo with her daughter Brenda until Brenda's suicide at the age of 39), a gangster's moll, a film star, an artist and author of several published books including My First 2,000 Men.

She was John Waters' muse and starred in his 1977 B flick Desperate Living. She dated notorious mobster Mickey Cohen and also claimed to have slept with Joe DiMaggio, Regis Philbin and Cary Grant. She was also a convicted felon, spending time in jail, and was married seven times. 

And on top of all that she was an (awesomely tacky) artist!!

Check out her art exhibition details at Vulture and her Wikipedia page!

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material girl said...

the man in the painting looks like bowie!