Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Children's Letters to President Obama

Oh my gawwwd CUTE! Check out these sweet little nuggets of kiddie-hope:

Dear Pres. Obama,

Good job on winning. I heard about Area 51. I wanted to ask you if there are any U.F.O.’s there. I think that you should tell people in public the truth about Area 51. You would just maybe say, “That we will take care of it.” And do it.

— Edwin Jara, age 9, New York

Dear Obama,

If you were going to make up a holiday, what would it be? If you were going to make a law, what would it be? I liked you before you were even president. I'm friends with Jerey Best, the girl that was on CNN and also sent you a letter.


Lauren Solomon, age 11
Los Angeles

Dear Barack Obama,

You are one of my friends. I cannot believe you are president. In our community, you're the best guy I've ever seen. You rock the whole world. I cannot believe you did such an awesome job.


Jennifer Navarreto, age 10

Dear Barack Obama,

Congrats on becoming the president of the United States and slaughtering John McCain. I think that, unlike W., you should dodge other countries and not shoes. You should not be so quick to go to war and negotiate with terrorists. I like what you said about bringing the troops home from Iraq.

If you like my letter, know that it's from

D'andre "the King" Legrand, age 12

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