Monday, December 22, 2008

Twenty Extreme Metal Album Covers

Goodness, I am glad this young man is obscuring the 'u' on his razor sharp codpiece. Would be a bit obscene otherwise.

Is it that twisted for a sister to want an enormous bone every now and then?

Subtle, but I am picking up on some subtext here. I think maybe the blade emerging from the toilet bowl represents the Holy Sword of Epic Metal, and its placement suggests it may be, metaphorically, thrust upwards into your rectum, which symbolises your soul. The title of the album seems to reflect this.

Boned has clearly reinterpreted Metallica's rectally inserted rock theme, adding latent homoerotic undertones. HOTT.

It is a well known fact that butchers are the most metal occupation in existence.

Anthrax LOVES fisting. A lot. 


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