Sunday, December 7, 2008

Top Ten Crazy Cults

Cults... Are there any non-crazy ones? 

I watched an amazing doco last night called Kenja Communication about Kenja and its leader Ken Dyers. Or the late Ken Dyers, more specifically. He topped himself after his sexual abuse and paedophilia was reported in the media.

Frigging scary stuff. Definitely worth a watch. He has a MASSIVE snap at the end. Like a spitting, screaming Hitler-style hissy fit. 

Anway, check out this list from Live Science. I think cults are fascinating.

Raëlian leader Claude Vorilhon - also known as Raël - sits with a member. Once a sports car journalist, Raël founded the religious movement in 1974. 


If you believe UFOs spawned most religions, mind transfer is possible and cloning can lead to reincarnation, then you might be a candidate for the Raëlian Church, started in France in the 1970s. A Raëlian follower made headlines in 2003 when she claimed to have conceived the first cloned human, but the event was later called a hoax.

Cargo Cults

Military encounters in remote areas have caused some natives to worship the soldiers, their symbolic uniforms and technologically advanced items they brought with them. 

If you're an island native isolated from modern society, encountering an AM/FM radio - or a boat full of symbol-clad soldiers - can be quite a shock. Many societies form a cult-like obsession with the technologically advanced "cargo." Some South Pacific islanders reportedly tote wooden guns and paint "USA" on their chests in rituals to attract more of the mysterious objects.

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