Monday, December 22, 2008

OMFG!!! Colour Your Own Wayfarers!!

Ray-Ban Wayfarer “Colorize” Kit

"The classic Wayfarer started to come back strong a couple of years ago. Before Ray-Ban could catch on, we saw brands such as Super create hundreds of colorways of the all-time classic and successfully releasing them into the market. After Ray-Ban finally knew what was going on, the brand also started releasing a couple of new colorways of the sunglasses.

Next year Ray-Ban will be releasing the “Colorize” kit, which much like Adicolor, bundles a pair of all white Ray-Ban Wayfarers with some markers that can be used to colorize the sunglasses. Interesting move, unseen in the sunglass market, but just like with Adicolor, the final outcome is in most cases questionable. Via Kanye/Acquire."

High Snobiety.

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