Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I've banged on about Kiva before but I just made another loan so I thought I'd bang on about it again.

Meet Astride Moba (best name ever? defo top 10) and friends:

"Astride Moba is 38 years old and a mother of four children. She began her business in 1998 selling doughnuts and spices. Her business prospered until 2006 when a car accidentally drove over her stand and destroyed all of her goods. Astride used to sell on a stand along the main road in her popular area of Eastern Kinshasa. Having no financial resources to restart her business, Astride was out of business for two years.

She resumed the business in February 2008 and joined Totosa, one of Hope’s groups last May. With the coming loan, Astride is planning to purchase another sack of wheat flour and to rent a location for her business in a place where she can avoid another car accident, heavy rains and the strong sun. She is also planning to diversify her business by adding an outdoor section to sell beverages."

I just donated US$25 and now she has completed her loan! Yay! I didn't even need to pay the full amount because my previous three loan recipients have been slowly but steadily paying me back from the profits of their businesses so I had about $18 in my Kiva account. 

Go check out the website. It's such a kick-arse idea. Next time a chugger (charity mugger) tries to get me to save an African child as I'm coming out of the train station I'm gonna take a second of their time to tell them about Kiva! No middle man = no wasted money! Awesome!

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