Monday, December 22, 2008

I Am Neurotic

you’re in a febreze commercial…

Whenever I spray Febreze, I have to spray it slowly like they do in the commercial. Then when i\’m done spraying it, i have to smell the room and smile, like they also do in the commercial.

corduroy cooties

I cannot touch corduroy fabric, the touch is like sandpaper with its softness. Thin nor large strand I will not have this touch my being. I will not sit, touch, own, or come into contact with corduroy. My friends tease me about it, threatening to give me corduroy gifts. I will not take them, I say.

poopy toothbrush

Every time I am done using the toilet, I have to put down the lid before i flush, because I am afraid that all the particles from inside the toilet are attaching themselves to my toothbrush. When other people use my bathroom and I see that they didn’t put the lid down at all, I freak out and wash my toothbrush until I believe it’s clean again.

OMG. I actually feel the same way about courduroy.

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