Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Am Neurotic

perfect change

I’m a cashier, and I get really excited when someone’s change back is $.41, because I can give them back one of each coin. I get really, REALLY excited when someone pays for a $3.59 purchase with a $20 bill, because I can give them back one of each bill AND one of each coin.

beer is plural

i can’t stand when people say beers. beer. not beers. “there’s beers out on the porch.” no no. there is beer out on the porch. the only time it is acceptable to use the word beers is when you are talking about a specific quantity. i.e. “i drank 3 beers last night.”

i feel purple.

Whenever there is freeze pops at my house, everyone always eats every kind but the purple {grape} and the red {cherry.} But afterwards, i feel bad for the Purple kind, because no one likes it. So, i end up eating the purple kind. But not the red kind, because the red kind doesn’t care. The purple is the one that feels left out.

I Am Neurotic.

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