Monday, December 1, 2008

I Am Neurotic

Feeling weird? Go read other people's confessions about their neuroses and feel a little more normal. 


"sparkly poop

Whenever my dog poops outside, I have to put my hand in it to make sure nothing weird is in there (or valuable). My dog always takes my jewelry and sometimes swallows it. I’m afraid if I don’t check, then I will be throwing away my jewelry."

"don’t mock me, snow globe!

Snow-globes make SUPER angry. When I see one, I have strong urges to smash it on the floor. Nothing else in this world irks me as much a snow-globe does. It’s not that they\’re boring and pointless, it’s just something about the way they sit there MOCKING me. They represent so much wasted time, energy and space."

"peeping rubber ducky

Whenever I take a shower, I need to make sure that there aren’t any rubber duckies (or other bath toys) facing me. I always turn them around so that they can’t watch me."

"touchy toes

I’m crazy about my toenails. I’ve never had a pedicure and they are ALWAYS painted. If somebody touches my toenails, I freak out, cry, and start yelling at them. I’m always afraid my toenails will be ripped off. If I stub my toe, I fall into a panic attack and must immediately make sure that my toenails are still in place. My toes are curled and I’m cringing just typing this."

God I am glad I am not a crazy person. *returns to cleaning my little ponies with a toothbrush*

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