Monday, December 22, 2008

Five Authors Who Were Perverts

5 ) T.E. Lawrence

5 More Famous Authors That Were Perverts telawrence

"Better known as Lawrence of Arabia, the Welsh archaeologist and British intelligence officer became famous because of his memoirs. Lawrence was celibate most of his life - claiming to have been raped and tortured by a Turk - and a pederast, but his most interesting perversion was the fact that he was a masochist. Lawrence used to hire a man, along with a witness, to beat him with birches under the claim that an uncle demanded it because Lawrence had stolen money. After the beatings he would ask them to write an account of the flogging which he would read later for kicks. In a sense, he was creating masochist porn for himself through himself. According to some of his biographers this wasn’t the first time either. There are doubts over if he ever had been raped and tortured or if it was just him writing out his masochistic fantasies and hiding them in plain sight."

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