Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Beware The Krampus

Wow! I stumbled across this article this morning on SocyBerty about The Krampus, Santa's evil sidekick. I have never heard about this before!

The Krampus is a Christmas demon from the alpine regions of Germany. His job is to punish bad children with his whip, while his better-known associate Santa Claus rewards good children with presents.

From SocyBerty:

"The Krampus legend originates in the Germanic alpine regions and is widespread throughout Austria, Hungary, Bavaria, Friul and Slovenia.  A horned deity supposedly roamed the forest in pre-Christian Europe.  Once a certain person died on a certain cross then this pagan ‘deity' was deemed evil.  Both Santa Klaus and Krampus are descended from these old myths - the yin and yang of the winter period.  Krampus is Santa's 'evil twin' and although the still has the ability to put fear in to hearts, there have been attempts to make him a little more friendly to modern city dwellers, as the card below from the nineteen twenties shows!

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"In Austria particularly, Krampus Night (‘Krampusnacht') is still vigorously celebrated on the eve of Saint Nicholas' Day (6th December).  Young men (and today some women even!) dress up as Krampus and go through the streets of towns - their primary aim to frighten young children.  It is quite likely that they frighten a number of adults as well, however!

"The largest celebration is in the town of Schladming in Austria.  Over a thousand Krampus gather.  They carry sticks and light whips to punish those who have misbehaved often targeting, in particular, the young ladies of the town.  Many of the young women of the town chose to stay at home on this night, the Germanic predilection for a good whipping being somewhat exaggerated! Some are brave enough to venture out, but they remain wary of any approaches by Krampus!"

Skeezy Krampus! So bad at reading body language.

Defo wouldn't sit on that guy's lap.

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