Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Twenty Dumbest Band Names

Ahahaha. As if I needed more reasons to hate Nickelback. Chad Kroeger thought of the name cos he used to work at Starbucks and had to say over and over again "Here's your nickel back."

What a fucking douche. 

STRYPER is a band I've never heard of but their name is an acronym for Salvation Through Redemption, Yeilding Peace, Encouragement and Righteousness.

Bongzilla. Nuff said.

Anal Cunt. Definitely pursuing a niche market with that name...

Apparently this band wrote the seminal tracks "You Look Adopted," "You Own A Store" and "Easy E Got AIDS From Freddie Mercury."

Oh, and Limp Bizkit got the prize for dumbest band name. Obviously. 

From Spike.

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