Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tokyo's Themed Restaurants

Tokyo is world renowned for its incredible cuisine and amazing restaurants but it is also totally into randomly-themed eateries. 

The 'Wizard of the Opera' is gothic opera themed and 'Princess Heart' evokes the frilly world of Disney Princesses, replete with man servants and desserts shaped like hearts and clocks.

At the Vampire Cafe you can get a tasty salad served in a tasteful coffin!

Ninja Asakasa is a maze-like cavernous restaurant where masked waiters serve you stealthily.

At Namahage restaurant waiters dressed at demons will bring your food to the table in semi-darkeness. Apparently surprisingly popular with families.

The Christian Cafe is located in the heart of Tokyo's red light district and is adorned with numerous madonnas, gargoyles and a huge, glowing crucufied Christ. And your cocktail will arrive with a crucifix swizzle stick. Mmmm Mmmm!

Alcatraz ER is probably the weirdest one! A blend of prison chic and medical drama. When diners arrive they are handcuffed and administered a fake injection in the rear end! Presumably an intravenous aperitif. 

The Guardian.

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