Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ten Incredibly Dangerous Doctors

WHOA! And I thought the bulk billings doctors at uni were bad!

10. Edward Bodkin

10 Incredibly Dangerous Doctors edwardbodkin

On the other extreme of testicles is Bodkin, a Bill Maher lookalike who was arrested for performing 5 unlicensed castrations in in 1999. He was going to perform a 6th until the man got cold feet and informed police Bodkin intended to castrate young boys. Bodkin advertised his services as a cutter - an underground surgeon - in ball fetishism magazines with the stipulation that the castrati allow him to sell tapes of the process. He kept his “trophies” in jars next to his fridge. When the state prosecutor was asked for a motive, he responded: “I can’t sit here as a reasonable human being and give you an intelligent answer to that.”


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