Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Mom Is A FOB

Black men on TV

[At the dinner table, speaking in Mandarin except for names]
Me: Ma, these steaks are amazing!
Bro: Mmmm, so good, wowww… thanks Ma!
Mom: Yes, and my grill is so great because it drips excess oil while it’s grilling the meat!  Simple and easy to clean, and keeps us healthier. I bought one for your Aunt Jean in Taiwan, too since it’s so handy. I just love my Morgan Freeman Grill!
[Bro and I look at each other confused]

Bro: OMG… Ma… did you mean… your George Foreman Grill?
Mom: You two always like to pick at my English.  Their names are similar okay, and they’re both nice black men I see on TV!!!!

From My Mom Is A Fob.

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