Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Mom Is A FOB

Another awesome 

"FOB" means "Fresh Off the Boat" for the less racist, more naive readers of the Pony. And this is a collection of the darndest things that FOB moms say!

Here are a few choice examples for your enjoyment:

Unintentional souvenir

Me: Did you buy anything from the swapmeet today?
Mom: Yes, I got CD holder….and this hat.
Me: MOM! Do you know whats on that hat?!?!
Mom: Yes, it’s a city in Mexico. The hat was on sale.
Me: MOM! The city is TIJUANA not MARIJUANA!

After watching Secret Life of Bees

Me: So what did you think?
Mom: It good, but also I am so glad to see the actress in better movies scripts…
Me: Which actress?
Mom: The one from Chicago. Queef Latina…
Me: …Queen Latifah?
Mom: WhatEVER.

You tell ‘em, Momma!

A story from a MMIAF reader:

I recently explained to my mom what “Yes on 8″ meant since there are a lot of signs in our neighborhood. We also just had two gay weddings in the family. On Thursday, at our neighborhood meeting, a woman running for a Senate seat in our district asked if we wanted a “Yes on 8″ sign for our lawn. I respectfully turned it down, but then my mom laughed and said loudly, “We cannot take! Our family has the gay!”

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