Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Dad Is A FOB

Dads on pop culture

Watching American Music AwardsJimmy Kimmel is hosting, introduces award presenters Paris Hilton and T-Pain:

Me: Hahaha, nice hat! I love T-pain!
Dad (In Chinglish): Ooooh! Is that the Black Eyed Peas guy?!
Me: Nah, Pops, you’re thinking about
Dad: Eh, these hip-hop guys all look the same…
Mom (In Chinese)What a stupid comment! Son, yell at him for racism!
Dad: He’s dressed like a pimp. Who is that, his ho?
Me: No, that’s Paris Hilton.
Dad: Oh, not just his ho — everyone’s ho! HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!

My Dad Is A Fob.

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