Monday, November 24, 2008

Japanese Blood Mascots

Kenketsu-chan ("Blood Donation Girl") is Japan's national blood donation mascot. She is a pixie with ears made of blood which shrink with Japan's blood bank reserves! She lives on an island where a happy rainbow takes her to wherever needs blood the most!

I'd donate blood every day if we had mascots like this!

Osaka gets two mascots: Otasuke Kenta and Dr Blood.

Kokoran-chan is the blood mascot of the Iwate prefecture.

Ebio-kun of Saitana prefecture. Ebio is pronounced "A-B-O" like the blood types!

Aipii & Chiipitto are the mascots for Ehime prefecture and Hiroshima respectively.

Everything is cuter in Japan. 

Check out Pink Tentacle for an extensive and interesting article. 


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