Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fifty-One Japanese Characters

Peter Machat is a guy who has designed 51 characters to represent 51 facets of Japanese culture and identity.

The characters are drawn beautifully and their descriptions are illuminating. What a freaking fantastic website.

Some of the characters include:

Yazuka: he is linked with the Japanese mafia of the same name and bears traditional Japanese tattoos.

Kaze: he has a cold and wears a face mask for hygiene reasons.

Salaryman: this office worker wears a dark suit and sucks up to his boss and works huge hours in the hope of climbing the corporate ladder.

Soap-jo: she is a woman who undresses, soaps herself up and becomes a human sponge for her make clients. She works at the Soaplands. She used to work at the Turkish Baths until Turkish people living in Japan politely requested they change the name.

Kawaii: is cute, pink and covered in Hello Kitty merchandise. She sounds RAD! ;p

Okama: she happens to have male physical attributes but thinks, dresses and acts like a lady. She works as a hostess (modern-day sleazy Geisha) in an Okama bar in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo.

51 Japanese Characters.

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