Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christians AGAINST Cartoons


And VERY enlightening! Check out their informative website. The very important bits are CAPITALISED so you don't miss out on the IMPORTANCE of the MESSAGE that cartoons are UNHOLY AND EVIL!


For instance... Here is Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Satan contemplating a Dora the Explorer DVD. Look at them!! They are LOVING IT! They absolutely cannot get enough! Why you ask? Allow me to quote the CAC directly:

"There are disturbing things in the “Dora the Explorer: Dance to the Rescue” DVD. This is potentially the most dangerous and blasphemous cartoon I have yet reviewed for this site. Not only does this disc promote SATANISM and PAGANISM but it also propagates THE NEW COMMUNISM as an Unholy Trinity. First, Dora, a force for the false belief in cultural relativism and the rejection of GOD’S TRUTH disguised as educational television, is accompanied in her adventures by a TALKING GOAT during her adventures on this DVD.... 


But surely Hello Kitty is untained by Satan's dark influence? Let me quote Susanna, a concerned Christian: 

"Hi there - maybe you can help me. My Christian neighbor says that Hello Kitty isn't good for her daughter's spirit. I've searched the Internet to find out why. Can you tell me why or post on your site? Thank you."

And the CAC's advice: 

"It is by no mere coincidence that Hello Kitty herself resembles the cat-headed Sekhmet, the Egyptian sun goddess of destruction! There are also strong resemblances between Hello Kitty and the Lower Nile love goddess Bast. Often cats and cat idols were entombed in the burial chambers of the Pharaohs for the cat had a deep mystical significance to these pagan slave drivers.

Permitting your child to lie in a bed covered in Hello Kitty dolls, you are allowing her to lie in a mock Egyptian burial chamber! This seemingly harmless fascination with these dolls can lead your child down the path of the occult. The so-called “goth” teens who paint their faces to resemble corpses and worship death are also often seen with Hello Kitty memorabilia and stickers incongruously affixed to their usually black attire. This is because these poor, misguided youngsters who have given their eternal souls over to the darkness, know the masked meaning of these cuddly idols. The Hello Kitty, the ChocoCat, The Badtz Maru are just sugar coated stand-ins for Sekhmet, the Anubis and Ra. These are the same gods that The Lord cast down into the sulfur pit of hell and made into demons! Their power, which allowed Ramses to turn his staff into a serpent, cannot be underestimated today."

I always knew that FUCKING CHOCOCAT was SATAN'S TOOL on earth.

In summation, well, I'll leave that to the words of the CAC:


Who indeed!?

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